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Human Resources




We adhere to the principle of human resource is the primary resource; use people in prosper posts according to their ability, employ the competition mechanism of “Promote the Capable, Transpose the Common and Demote the Incapable”, inspire employees’ potentiality and creativity, give the talented growth conditions and value promotion, measure employees’ value to the enterprise with their ability and contribution, have excellent, upright, dedicated, diligent, capable and efficient people stand out; give full scope to the talented and have they give full play to their talents.

We advocate a “Healthy, Happy, Positive, Scientific” outlook on work. Only when having a healthy body and mind and enjoying work can one truly win the joy of life.

Development is not only the combination of personal and business interests and more an opportunity for people to share common ideals and values, which will be an energy source promoting the development and growth of the company.

We provide sound salary and welfare guarantee for each employee as well as broad development space.