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9Z-30 Silage Cutter \9Z-30 Silage cutter

Profile information:
This product is powered by the main motor and feeding motor. The feeding motor transmits the speed-adjusted power to the grass pressing roller through the universal joint, gear box, transmission shaft, etc. When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower grass pressing rollers through the conveyor chain, it is clamped by the grass pressing roller and It is fed into the guillotine cutting (kneading) mechanism at a certain speed. At the same time, the main motor transmits power to the main shaft through the triangle belt. The main shaft drives the cutter head to rotate at high speed to shred (knead) the material and throw it out of the machine through the grass outlet.
basic information


【main feature】

●The three-blade cutter head is equipped with steel reinforced support, which is rigid, strong and seamless; the two-way adjustment nut is added between the cutter head and the main shaft to facilitate axial movement and the blade clearance adjustment is more free.

●Advanced grass feeding mechanism, with unique grass feeding roller device (which has obtained national patent), automatic feeding, no entangled grass in the conveyor chain, smooth feeding, high production efficiency.

●Designed with a movable knife safety guide device, to prevent knife accidents, the whole machine is safe and reliable.

●Unique speed-adjusting gear box structure, easy and accurate adjustment of grass length, reliable sealing and good lubrication of the box body.

●The transmission part is equipped with external aligning rolling bearing and universal coupling, which has compact structure, flexible operation and convenient disassembly and assembly.

●The advanced feeding and conveying mechanism is controlled by a switch, which can be switched on and off easily.

●The largest domestic model and the highest production efficiency guillotine machine; equipped with rubber tires, which solves the embarrassment of inconvenience in moving large equipment.

●The blade is made of high-quality steel, refined by a special process, super wear-resistant; high-strength bolt connection, safe and reliable.

【technical parameter】

project 9Z-30 type 9Z-30 type (rubbing type)
Equipped with motor Host power (kW) 30 55
cabin seat no Y2-200L-4 Y2-250M-4
Feeding power (kW) 4 4
Host quality (kg) 2300 2310
Production efficiency (t/h) 30 30
Cutter speed (r/min) 450 660
Cutting length (mm) 18, 27, 41, 64 18, 27, 41, 64
Number of moving blades (piece) 3 3
Dimensions (mm) use 4290×2510×4510 4460×2510×4900
transport 3630×2070×2810 3630×2070×2520
Belt conveyors Power (kW) 3 3
Conveying distance (m) 4.5 4.5
Dimensions (mm) 5000×1000×830 5000×1000×830
Weight (kg) 480 480


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